The course is aimed at everyone from the total beginner to those who have made kits, wine or cider before.

We have developed a simple approach to the home brewday that can be easily digested by the novice and translated to their own kitchen.

We teach by practical involvement, but also look into the science behind it – what’s going on beneath the bonnet. We will perform all the steps necessary to make one of 3 tested recipes.

Whilst the home brewing process is not complicated, there’s a lot of it and a lot of things that can go wrong. So we lead you by the hand through your first all-grain brewday and give you the confidence to do it by yourself.

Upcoming Dates:

September 25th 2016:    Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester

November 20th 2016:    The Place, Sherwood, Nottingham
December 11th 2016:    Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester
March 12th 2017:    The Place, Sherwood, Nottingham
June 18th 2017:    Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester
September 10th 2017:    The Place, Sherwood, Nottingham
More dates available in 2019

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